What makes you itch? Weekend reading worth jumping into.

“Character and personal finance are the only investments worth anything” – Walt Whitman

“A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” –  Hugh Downs

Go for it

We love to read and share – here’s some notable things from the last week covering life, investing, planning, and financial literacy for kids plus a look at what we were up to this time last year.



How often do we stop to appreciate the place where we are right now? – The Place Where You Are

Work-life balance is so last year – now we need to integrate work and life – How To Master Work-Life Integration

Looking like a fool is sometimes a side effect of doing something that matters – When you do work that matters, the crowd will call you a fool


If you want a good story, go to the movies or get a book from the library. If it doesn’t end the way you like, you can always see the next show – Avoid Stock Market Impulse Shopping

Here are seven comments you have probably heard from friends—and that may have escaped your own lips – 7 lies investors tell themselves

How to figure out the best asset allocation for you – Best Asset Allocation Based On Age & Risk Tolerance

Seeking the approval of other investors is a waste of time – Yeah But…

While using dividend paying stocks to replace fixed income in a search for yield may seem attractive on the surface, it introduces new complications and, more importantly, new risks – The search for yield: New complications, new risks

If your financial advisor is described as a producer, think twice – How to Tell If You’re Getting Bad Financial Advice


By letting go of the need for perfect, we recognize the end goal matters so much more than whether the journey is perfect – The Power of Getting Started

Should You Invest or Prepay Your Mortgage?

There is always “more” money to obtain to spend on “more” material and experiential things. We will never truly be satisfied with such a mindset. – Money Is A Tool, So Stop Treating It As The Goal

Financial Literacy for Kids

10 Things to Remember when Teaching Kids about $$$

Caveman Living

How do you define the “Good Life”? – How Does Ancient Wisdom Intersect with a Primal Perspective?

This time last year

Seafood market
Dressing up for the fish market on Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

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