What makes you itch? Weekend reading worth jumping into.

“The investor’s chief problem, and even his worst enemy, is likely to be himself.” – Benjamin Graham, 1949, The Intelligent Investor

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same. -Carlos Castaneda

“Dogs have owners, cats have staff. Are you a dog or a cat?” – Unknown

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We love to read and share – here’s some notable things from the last week covering life, investing, planning and financial literacy for kids plus a look at what we were up to this time last year.


The Importance of Non-Negotiable, “No Matter What” Rules


Let the facts speak for themselves –  2 Studies That Show Indexing’s Virtue

When it comes to investing, the science is compelling but the beliefs that influence behaviour are powerful – Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt The Science of Investing?

“We knew we were wrong, but tried to convince ourselves that we were right.” – The Timeless Nature of the Herd Mentality

‘Investors are a little bit like people who take a job, have a bad day at work and decide to quit’ – How to gird yourself for the next stock market correction

Just like Dr Oz, financial pundits exist because the truth is boring – Charlatans exist because people crave certainty

The evidence is compelling – slow and steady wins the race – Slow and steady wins the race

We tend to think in the short term, but it hampers our ability to invest intelligently – How Poor Decision-Making Affects Your Returns

I wish every investor would read this series of blogs from Larry Swedroe. They are compelling – Does Lipper’s Best Overall Fund Company Beat a Passive Strategy?

Yet to be convinced of the case for using index funds? Read this – The Case for Index – Fund Investing

“Admit what you can’t know..you’ll be a much better investor when you recognize your limitations” – QUIT TRYING TO GET IT RIGHT

LET ME TELL YOU A SECRET – the winners always get to tell their story – don’t play the losers game – LET ME TELL YOU A SECRET

“The investor’s chief problem, and even his worst enemy, is likely to be himself.” – Benjamin Graham, 1949, The Intelligent Investor – The Misbehavior of Investors


The Blunt Bean Counter gives a thorough assessmenet of TFSAs from a behavioural perspective – TFSAs – Ease of Access, Discipline and Retirement

How seniors can put a higher contribution limit for tax-free savings accounts to work – Retirees can save money by trimming RRIFs and RRSPs, adding to TFSAs

A world with TFSAs vs without: Guess which can help a middle-class couple save $1.1M?

RESP: The tax-free account Canadian parents forgot about

The TFSA Is a Great Option for All Income Brackets

Financial literacy for kids

Teacher your kids the value of money – Should An Allowance Be Tied To Chores?

How To Raise Children To Be The Opposite Of Spoiled – Using Money To Teach Values

This time last year

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